Mysense1 Changelog

  • V.1.0
    Initial project
  • V1.01
    General revision for fix some bugs
  • V1.02
    Fix some error on language files
    Fix a bug of long text overflow
  • V1.03
    Added the setting to choose whether to display a logo or the name of the site in head
    Changed the loop, for visualize the thumbnail post in tag search and category search.
    Added the author link for google+ in user profile.
    Added author card in the footer of posts.
    Fix some bugs
  • V1.04
    Fixed some bugs
    Removed the showcase. probably I’ll put it in a future release
  • V1.05
    Fixed some bugs
  • V1.06
    Fixed some bugs
  • V1.08
    Fixed “featured image” bug
  • V1.09
    Fixed “featured image” bug
  • V1.10
    Improved integration with the author’s name for google+
    Fix fox new wordpress 3.8 menu

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