Water Reminder – Wellness by drinking water

If you want to get better, remember to drink!



Why an application that reminds you to drink water? is it really needed?
If you are already drinking enough during the day, then you don’t need it, but are you really drinking enough? drinking water in the right amount is very important for our body.

Ok, but how much water do you need to drink?
This application will help you keep your water needs under control, and every day based on your lifestyle, it will tell you the right amount, alerting you when it’s time to drink.

Some small instructions for the correct use of the app:

* The application is able to monitor your lifestyle, and check if you are doing outdoor sports like running or cycling, and then automatically adjusting the right amount of water needed.
* It can also control the outside temperature, so when it is very hot, the water requirement will increase automatically.

* Before starting to use the app, first of all in the settings enter your weight, so you can calculate the right water requirement for your body.
* If you are a person who plays sports in the gym, I suggest you select the “Indoor training” option.
* You can customize the amount of water of the three types of glasses available.
For now we have the “sip”, the “glass” and the “little bottle”. Probably in the future I will add others.
*In the last part of the settings you can choose how and when to receive notifications.
The “continue to notify even if you’ve drunk enough” option does exactly what it says. Initially I advise you not to select it … let’s start in small steps.

A small clarification for owners of Huawei, Oppo and other Chinese device: These manufacturers tend to terminate all the not-so-famous apps that remain in the background, so they don’t allow them to send notifications. For this reason the application once installed, will ask you to enable the exclusion of energy savings for this app.

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